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Is that a tasty beverage…or a meal replacement?

I was killing time yesterday waiting to pick up the girls from school when a hunger pang hit. With a few more errands to run before we got home I decided to get a snack… There was Jamba Juice right across the parking lot. Mmmmm… A Chocolate Moo’d would taste so good. How bad can it be (for me)? I’ll get it with a protein boost. That will slow down my body’s metabolism of the carbs in it. Yeah. It’ll smooth out the smoothie in my blood stream. Yeah. It’s different from a big cup of juice, which is like drinking syrup. Yeah. I’ll share it with the girls. Split three ways it won’t be so much food. Yeah. It’s hot today a cool, smooth drink will be so nice and refreshing. Yeah.

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Just as sweet…

What’s in a name? That which we call sugar By any other name would taste as sweet.  —With apologies to Shakespeare     Reading nutrition labels and ingredient lists is now second nature to me. It’s not enough to know how big a serving size is and how many grams of carbohydrates are in it. Not all carbs are created equal. Some are simpler than others and cause my blood sugar to spike.  The simplest of carbohydrates is sugar. For keeping my blood sugar levels in control it’s best to avoid sugar, or at least limit it. But sugar goes by a lot of other names. It’s kind of sneaking that way. 

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