By the Cup: Chocolate Cake

cc-Debs (ò‿ó)♪'s

I ran into the idea of making a single serving of chocolate cake by microwaving it in a cup in the most unexpected place.

It was a blog called New Dress a Day. On Day 260. 105 days and $106 lefttogo. [sic] not only did the blogger document the dress she made by altering a thrift store find, she also included the chocolate cake recipe.

It seemed simple enough. Eight ingredients mixed in a coffee mug, then microwaved for three short minutes. Substitute a sweetener for the sugar. Leave out the chocolate chips. That will make it more diabetic-friendly. Not that I could see myself eating chocolate cake everyday.

A single serving meant no pesky left overs to tempt me later. Taking less than 10 minutes from start to finish meant instantaneous gratification.

It seemed like a short, quick path to yumminess.

My daughter and I tried it out. Her’s was the original recipe. Mine was the doctored one.

We watched the batter puff up over the edge of our mugs. A brown glistening cake visible in the microwave window. A slight cocoa scent wafting across the kitchen. We stood with spoons poised for that first bite…

It was…awful. What a disappointment. The cake wasn’t just dry, it was rubbery. The cocoa flavor was flat. It was yuck, not yum.

So our quest for quick, easy yum continues.