Diabetes Meme

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This week a number of bloggers are posting diabetic memes. I decided to join them…

What type of diabetes do you have? Type 2

When were you diagnosed? February 2009

What’s your current blood sugar? 132

What kind of meter do you use?OneTouch Ultra 2

How many times a day do you test your blood sugar? Three times most days: before breakfast, dinner and bed. When I am really keeping a close eye on things I test seven-plus times: before and after every meal and before bed.

What’s a “high” number for you? I’m trying to stay under 150, but I have hit the low 200s recently. ūüôĀ

What’s do you consider “low?”¬†¬†Anything under 70

What’s your favorite low blood sugar reaction treatment? Thankfully I haven’t experienced this enough to have a “favorite” treatment

Describe your dream endo(crinologist): Someone who can strike the balance between tough love and accepting that real life is not perfect

What’s your biggest diabetes achievement? Getting my A1C level from “OMG! Why aren’t you in a diabetic coma?” levels¬†to within spitting distance of what they call “tight control” within 18 months

What’s your biggest diabetes-related fear? Going blind or loosing a limb

Who’s on your support team?My husband and daughters, my co-worker Roger (who has Type 1), my doctor and dietitian, and Leslie Sansone

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime? No, I think there will be more effective treatments and some kind of artificial pancreas for Type 1 Diabetics

What is a “cure” to you?No meds and no machines

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is: Any of the food police comments like “Should you be eating that?” “I didn’t know you could eat that?”

What is the most common misconception about diabetes? That Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are the same thing and require the same kind of treatment

If you could say one thing to your pancreas, what would it be? Can we ever get back to functioning properly on our own?

Writing this meme was an interesting experience. It made me stop and reflect on what having diabetes is like for me, not just sit in that cloud of generalizations about having this medical condition.

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I want to send a shout out to the following bloggers whose posts led me to this meme: