The diabetes rumble in the parking lot

It happened again. And on World Diabetes Day too.


That whole Type vs. Type argument raised its ugly head. Makes me sad. It doesn’t matter who started it. It matters that it keeps happening. This divisive argument usually goes like this: somehow this Type is diabetes and doesn’t want to be associated with that Type. People should know the difference! People should stop saying stupid stuff about diabetes. Names should be changed! Then people can say that stupid stuff about the Type they are referring to (and not my Type of diabetes). If that Type gets attention/research/treatments then my Type won’t. Mom always liked you better!


Somehow I can’t imagine people with rheumatoid arthritis people calling out people with osteoarthritis for a proverbial rumble in the parking lot. Different things cause each of them. Each has its own pathology and treatments. And still it’s all arthritis.

Every time the Type vs. Type argument starts again I have only one thought: It needs to stop…NOW.