Loneliness will kill you

“There is a lot of research on loneliness and all of it is horrifying. Loneliness won’t just make you miserable. It will kill you.” –Guy Winch

So why don’t we practice emotional hygiene? Why don’t we prioritize our emotional health?

In this TED Talk by Dr. Guy Winch, PhD discusses Why we all need to practice emotional first aid. Better yet, he provides advice on How to beat loneliness.

By taking action, you won’t just heal, you will build emotional resiliency and thrive. Dr. Winch calls on us all to practice good emotional hygiene. He believes it will dramatically improve our quality of life.

I work for an organization that is built on the premise that loneliness in diabetes is something that needs to be addressed. By building community and addressing loneliness, people’s quality of life and quality of health will be improved. Through the stories of the people who participate in the programs of Diabetes Hands Foundation I have seen proof that community and connection helps.