Cinnamon, it’s a miracle cure…

Oh, if only there was a miracle cure. People living with diabetes would flock to it and this would all be solved.

Life with a chronic health condition is not something anyone wants to prolong. Just ask anyone who has asthma, or arthritis, or heart disease. By the way, the CDC reports that in 2012 about half of all adults in the US were living with more one or more chronic health condition. So it’s not hard to find someone who could speak to this idea.

To me this is such an odd idea: that there is somehow this one thing that will make diabetes and all its complications go away. This notion is like a fairy tale, the handsome prince miracle cure will save the poor distressed diabetic. And it reflects how little people, in general, understand about how our bodies work.

There are singular things that can threaten a person’s health. A virus or infection. A physical wound. But chronic conditions tend to be more degenerative in nature. A body part or functions deteriorates over time. It goes from good, to bad, to worst over time. And it’s not necessarily reversible.

Diabetes is a slippery slope. Even if a cure is discovered tomorrow it would likely halt the progression, but I doubt it will regenerate my failing beta-cells and islets.