How to Stay OnTrack With an Android App

OnTrack makes it easy to collect, store and analyze of all your health journal information using your Android phone.

Are you looking for a compact, accurate way to track of your blood sugar levels, medication, exercise, carb counts, and test results?

As they say, “There’s an APP for that!”


App Name: OnTrack
Maker: GExperts
Price: FREE (donations accepted)

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Android Marketplace: OnTrack Diabetes
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OnTrack is a comprehensive Android app that lets you use your phone to record all the numbers and  information you would keep in a health journal.

OnTrack - Journal

Keeping a health journal is one of the most effective tools for managing diabetes.

A health journal gives you the raw data about what works well (and not so well) for you when it comes to managing diabetes.

With a health journal you can record all the things you do to maintain your health.

By reviewing your health journal you can see the trends over time. Are you maintaining tight control? What affect does your favorite meal have on your blood sugar? Are you getting enough exercise? A health journal can help you answer these kinds of questions which are so valuable to living well with diabetes.

OnTrack makes it easy and convenient to keep a comprehensive health journal.

OnTrack can collect information about:

  • blood sugar levels,
  • carbs eaten,
  • exercise,
  • medication taken,
  • HbA1c results,
  • body weight,
  • blood pressure,
  • body fat, and
  • pulse
OnTrack - data entry screen

OnTrack can be customized to save only the information you are interested in. You can choose categories and sub-categories, whether you are using US or European units, and what a “high” or “low” number is for you.

Each entry is automatically time and date stamped, making for more accurate records. If you need to you can also enter the date and time manually.

You can add notes to every entry, making it easy to keep comprehensive records. But I’ll admit I found it difficult to enter notes when my phone didn’t have a keyboard. OnTrack doesn’t have a computer-based program or companion website.

Another thing to be aware of is that OnTrack doesn’t have a database of carb counts. You have to know the carb counts for the food you are entering into your journal.

Unlike a pen-and-paper health journal, OnTrack makes it easy to analyze your data.

OnTrack - graph

OnTrack not only lets you store your data, it also lets you look at that data in ways you can’t by simply keeping a journal in a notebook.

You can see how your blood sugar or carb counts measure up over time in a simple graph. You define what’s a high and low number, so the graph highlights your personal targets not some standard number that has nothing to do with where you are right now.

OnTrack automatically graphs your numbers and generates reports. You can also save the data in your journal to a CSV file. The graphs, reports and CSV files OnTrack generates can be emailed, making it easy to share with your doctor, dietitian, or anyone else.

OnTrack’s graphs and reports are really accurate. I found that the blood sugar level average OnTrack calculated for me was spot on with the lab tests my doctor ordered. Of course, I was honest about recording all my blood sugar readings not just the good ones.

For me, OnTrack is one of the most effective tools I can use to successfully manage diabetes.

Disclosure: I’ve used OnTrack on and off since November 2009 when I downloaded it for free from the Android Marketplace.