Quinoa Revisited…Again

cc ZiaC

Still having eight servings of (expensive) quinoa stored in my refrigerator I decided to try another new recipe in search of healthful yumminess. This time we tried Vegetable Quinoa Stew from the Tasty Kitchen section of The Pioneer Woman blog.

This meal was more successful than the Mexican Quinoa with Pinto Beans we tried the last time. For one thing, it was more flavorful. Onion, bell pepper, zucchini, garlic and tomato were sauteed and then simmered in vegetable broth giving the quinoa time to take on the full flavor of the ingredients and absorb enough moisture to become a tasty and filling dish. With this dish David did not look longingly at the stove for something more.

For another thing, this dish gave me a better sense of quinoa’s possibilities. I could see it as the base for a yummy paella. We will try a vegetarian version of paella. Onions, garlic, bell pepper tomatoes sauteed with artichoke hearts and tofu. But the seasoning would be saffron instead of Italian seasoning. Hmmm…I still have some quinoa stored in my refrigerator.