Thankful Thoughts

cc Playingwithbrushes

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. As we worked on the menu I felt frustration. So many traditional Thanksgiving dishes are full of carbs and fat. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, pie, candied this and that. In short, this is a meal that can be a nightmare for people with diabetes.

As I grumbled and sorted through recipes there came a point when I stopped.

I stopped picturing the Thanksgiving table I grew up with. I stopped thinking about the Thanksgiving table fed to me over the years by television, movies, and magazines.

I stopped feeling frustrated, deprived, disappointed.

I remembered the holiday’s name, and I started feeling thankful.

Thankful that I live at a time in history when we understand (more or less) how diabetes works. Thankful that we have effective treatments. Thankful that I have pretty good health insurance and a medical team I can work with. But most of all I felt thankful for my family and friends, and how their love motivates me to take better care of myself.