About Type 2 Musings

Type 2 Musings (the blog formerly known as Spinning Dinner Plates) is a collection of my thoughts and musings on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as seen through the prism of type 2 diabetes.

The ideas here are based on my experiences living with type 2 diabetes and my understanding of the impact public policy has on life with a chronic illness. I share my explorations of what living well means when living includes managing a chronic illness. I hope that in sharing I will help others find their paths to living well.

About me: Corinna

At the beginning of 2009 my life changed. That was when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Truth be told I had been ignoring my health for a while. Like so many people I was too busy. Busy with family. Busy with work. Busy with everyday life and its stresses.

Even if I explained away all the classic symptoms I was experiencing (being thirsty, peeing a lot, feeling fatigued) as stress, I still had all the classic risk factors (overweight, sedentary, close family members with diabetes, Latina, middle aged). Some would say it was just a matter of time. And my time was up.

When I was diagnosed my  A1C level was over 13%! My doctor looked at me with that “Why are you walking around and not in a diabetic coma?” kind of look.

That was my wake up call. I took it very seriously.

About this blog

In the 18 months following my diagnosis, my A1C level went from OMG! to within spitting distance of tight control. How did I do it?

Basically, there are three things a person can do to manage diabetes. They are:

[1] Take medication
[2] Be more physically active
[3] Eat sensibly

I did all three with good results. My A1C went down by nearly half.

But then, in the next 18 months things didn’t go so well. What happened?

My life went through some major upheavals.

[1] I experienced some (thankfully minor) complications
[2] I lost my job
[3] My body didn’t respond as readily to medication, or exercise, or changing my diet

My A1C level steadily crept back up. The change between each quarterly reading was not a lot. But by the end of my third year of living with diabetes I could spit, but I was nowhere near tight control.

By the middle of 2015, my A1C graph is a bumpy one. In the 7s mostly. Up and down. Life with type 2 continues.

It takes conscious effort. There are a lot of things to manage. There are a lot of unknowns. Sometimes my body responds positively and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes it feels like it is all I can do to keep juggling all of life’s demands and keep things from crashing down around me. To live well it’s important for me to hold on to my sense of humor (and my sanity) along the way. For me, that just might be the key to living well with diabetes.

REVISED March 2018
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MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: If you have diabetes, pre-diabetes or some other medical condition be sure to consult with your medical team (doctor, nutritionist, etc.)  before making any changes to your health routine. I am not a medical professional of any kind. I do not give medical advice.

EMPLOYMENT DISCLOSURE: I used to work for the Diabetes Hands Foundation. While I may write about the foundation and its programs on this blog, the writings and opinions here are my own.