Good Ideas: Apply the Goldilocks Principle


Goldilocks Bento 1
From the book Yum-Yum Bento Box

Not too much. Not too little. But just right.

Just like in the fairy tale I try to find that balance point.

Eat too much and I feel bloated and my blood sugar goes up too much. Eat too little and I feel sluggish and my metabolism slows down. Eat just right amount and I am energized and my body is nourished.

Exercise too much and I feel sore and discouraged. Exercise too little and I don’t feel any improvement in my body. Exercise just right amount and I am energized and my body is strengthened.

You get the idea.

How do I determine what’s just right? I use a combination of research, consultation and listening to my body. I research stuff on the web and at the library. I consult with my doctor, my dietitian, and friends who are diabetic. Email is a wonderful thing!

But the most important thing I do is listen to my body. That doesn’t mean I stop doing something new at the first pain or discomfort. But I will make an adjustment or try something different.

Good Ideas are simple, one-step ideas I use to keep me on track.