Dear Rep. Giffords, Thank you for being an inspiration

Source: Flickr CC aemerybrown-SA 2.0

Rep. Gabby Giffords announced Sunday that she is resigning her seat in Congress to focus on her recovery from last year’s attempt on her life. Watching the video of her limping down the sidewalk with her husband at her side and then telling the world she’s resigning was heart wrenching.

Here is a young, vital woman speaking slowly, clearly and deliberately to get her message across. The damaging effects of the bullet she took are readily apparent.

Yet her words are full of hope. She is focusing on her therapy/recovery. She looks to the future. While she’s already beat the odds on even surviving, she is clearly not settling for what she’s achieved so far.

  • Rep. Gifford’s recovery is a 24/7 thing — just like living with diabetes.
  • Her future and her future state of health are uncertain — just like living with diabetes.
  • Each day requires focus and effort and dedication — just like living with diabetes.

Yes, yes, there is no “full recovery” from diabetes. The reality is for Rep. Giffords there is no “full recovery” from her injuries — her life and health won’t ever go back to what they were before being shot.

She chooses to move ahead.

And I choose to be inspired by that.