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After Roe...when a subject is highly controversial...

Living in a post-Roe world

After 50 years of debate, the conversation around abortion collapsed down to a woman’s right to choose. Not a person’s right to access healthcare — to have access to a particular healthcare procedure, one that could save that person’s life.

Due process and a fundamental right to privacy got pushed aside as individualism was put at the center. The fundamental human right to healthcare came into question.

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You Are Your Own Best Health Advocate

Excerpt: You Are Your Own Best Health Advocate

“I’ve learned a lot from living with type 2 diabetes, but no lesson rings truer than this: no one knows you better than you. “No one else understands what you are experiencing as you manage life with type 2 diabetes. Your medical team will go over your numbers. Friends and family might mention they’ve noticed changes. But 99.999% of the time, you are managing your diabetes on your own. That puts you in a unique–and powerful–position. …” Read the full article on Healthgrades.

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