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Bulgur Revisited

When I looked up bulgur recipes online I found so many possibilities I wanted to try more than just a simple pilaf. Many of the bulgur recipes I found are from Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisines. I made a Spicy Two-Bean Vegetarian Chili. It promised and delivered yumminess. The recipe is a pretty standard vegetarian chili with black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, bell pepper and jalepeño. The surprise was 1/2 cup of bulgur added for texture mostly. Bulgur seems to play one of two roles in main dishes. It either adds texture and a little bulk, or it is a base like risotto. Either way it’s makes for an easy, healthful dish filled with yumminess.

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Taste Test: Bulgur

Total Rating for Bulgur = 4-1/2 plates* Yumminess = 1-1/2 Goodness = 1 Easy to find & prepare = 1 Yummy to family = 1 *Read about my 5-plate Taste Test scale here. Getting to Know Great Grains: Bulgur This taste test is inspired by the article Get to Know 6 Great Grains in Diabetes Forecast. Whole grains like bulgur (also spelled bulghur) are a really good for you. But is it good and yummy? I decided to test it out. Bulgur is whole wheat that’s been cleaned, cracked and cooked, then dried. This processing makes it quick to cook (soak in hot liquid for 20-25 minutes) and easy to store (in a sealed container on the pantry shelf or in the refrigerator). And most of the bran is left in place, so bulgur is still a whole grain. You’ve probably eaten bulgur prepared as tabbouleh salad. The most common version of tabbouleh in the U.S. has cooked bulgur

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