Quinoa Revisited

When my family taste tested quinoa we decided it had yumminess potential and would try it again.

Here’s an update.

Source: ZiaC
Quinoa with Pintos Corn and Peppers

Because quinoa is a complete protein I went looking for a main dish recipe. We tried Mexican Quinoa with Pinto Beans from the Quinoa Corporation website.

Cooked quinoa was put together with canned whole pintos, corn, chopped bell pepper, and onion. The mixture was seasoned with garlic, chili powder, cumin and oregano. Traditional, simple Mexican ingredients and flavors. It tasted good.

But…the flavors weren’t strong enough to dominate the plate. And even with pintos and corn the recipe didn’t have the heft of a main dish. Dave kept looking over at the stove to see what else there was to eat.

Quinoa might be complete, but it’s not filling. For this reason quinoa is a side dish in our house.