If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance…

A couple of months ago, during #DiabetesAwarenessMonth, I saw a tweet from @YogurtNutrition. It said:

Have a #yogurt! It’s good and it also helps reduce T2 #Diabetes risk…

Oh really? I need to find out more about this. So I asked:

What kind of #yogurt might help reduce #T2 #diabetes? Plain? Greek? Lo fat? Flavored?

After all there are a lot of different kinds of yogurt out there. Some even have more sugar than ice cream! So clearly, not all yogurts would be a good choice when managing type 2 diabetes. The response was:

@SpinningDPlates results were observed on yogurt as a food category. Thus there is no specific recommendation to answer you question.


I don’t fault @YogurtNutrition for doing it’s job, which is to promote yogurt. But I do fault it for presenting incomplete and potentially misleading information about the health benefits of a particular food.