March 28, 2020 – Empty Shelves

This is a sight we’re not used to seeing in the US. Empty grocery shelves and rationing of what is available.

Living on an island that has experienced several extremely active hurricane seasons recently I’m more familiar with this experience than a lot of others.

People are hoarding.

[That doesn’t explain what’s going on completely. Look up The Beer Game for more of what’s to come –]

But hoarding, and the anxiety and depression that drives it, is evident.

Which brings me to the Bible story about loaves and fishes.

Thousands were hungry. But there were only a few fishes and loaves of bread to feed them. Jesus performed a miracle and, in the end, there was enough for everyone.

Seems straightforward enough.

But did Jesus transform the food and make it more? Or did he transform the people’s thinking and feelings so that what was there was enough to satisfy everyone?

I’m not religious, or even spiritual. But I do believe that people can change what they experience by changing their mindset.