November 12, 2020 – #OzDSMS

12 hours later and so many thoughts are still swirling around in my head.

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Communication failures added to the anxiety experienced by people with diabetes. Is it that diabetes puts us more at risk for contracting COVID-19 or is it that if we contract COVID we are greater risk of worse outcomes? (It’s the second one.) Do we really understand all those charts and graphs in the news? (Probably not.) Are we clear on what’s required locally in terms of mask wearing, what businesses are open or restricted, etc.? (It depends.)

Also, could there be an upside to COVID-19 for people with diabetes? Not being able to go into the doctor’s office has changed the way we take care of ourselves. In some ways we can become more self-reliant. For instance, taking on self-checks of our feet. Also being in our own homes might just equalize the power levels between doctor and patient.

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Resilience is not a single set of skills or practices. To be resilient we have to respond to the current situation or environment. What worked yesterday may not work today. The extra burden of continually being flexible and responsive is exhausting.

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