Fight Hunger With Diabetes-Friendly Snacks

cc Phillie Casablanca

When I’m out and about I never let myself get too hungry.

I don’t always know where I’m going to end up or what kind of food I’ll find there. Waiting too long to eat is dangerous. My blood sugar levels can go wacko. And once hunger sets in I’m likely to eat anything whether or not it’s good for me or even yummy.

My best defense in the fight against hunger is a diabetic-friendly snack. I always make sure I carry one with me. It’s part of being prepared.

It takes a little planning. Got to make sure I have healthy snackish things on the grocery list. Each morning I got to get my snack together, put it in a plastic bag or storage container and then put it in my purse or briefcase. Reminds me of making lunch for school. But now it’s just part of my regular routine.

The snacks I carry are no more than 20 carbs, include some protein, don’t require refrigeration, and can be eaten with my fingers.

Not sure what to pack? Here are five super easy ideas:

  • String cheese & whole grain crackers— a balance of protein and carbs
  • String cheese & grapes — be sure to measure out the grapes since they have a lot of fructose
  • Boiled egg & nuts — nuts (I like cashews) add crunch and flavor to an otherwise bland snack
  • Mini bagel with peanut butter — I choose a peanut butter made only from peanuts and salt
  • Chocolate covered mac nuts — my personal favorite and a bit of an indulgence

What kind of diabetic-friendly snack do you carry in the fight against hunger?