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Why You Should Never Drink Anything Bigger Than Your Stomach

Starbucks announced their biggest drink yet: the “Trenta.” The reaction was swift, negative, and probably not what the folks at Starbucks expected. I was surprised that such a big deal was made about it. At 31 oz. it’s not the biggest drink out there. Heck the Super Big Gulp at 7-Eleven is 44 oz. And conventional wisdom advises drinking 64 oz. of water each day for good health—admittedly conventional wisdom doesn’t say to drink all 64 oz. in one sitting. Why was there such a strong reaction? Possibly because of how it was reported by Canada’s National Post. What they did was very clever. They answered the question “What does this mean?” with a graphic. And that graphic went viral. It showed that the “Trenta” is bigger than the average person’s stomach.

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Bulgur Revisited

When I looked up bulgur recipes online I found so many possibilities I wanted to try more than just a simple pilaf. Many of the bulgur recipes I found are from Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisines. I made a Spicy Two-Bean Vegetarian Chili. It promised and delivered yumminess. The recipe is a pretty standard vegetarian chili with black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, bell pepper and jalepeño. The surprise was 1/2 cup of bulgur added for texture mostly. Bulgur seems to play one of two roles in main dishes. It either adds texture and a little bulk, or it is a base like risotto. Either way it’s makes for an easy, healthful dish filled with yumminess.

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Taste Test: Bulgur

Total Rating for Bulgur = 4-1/2 plates* Yumminess = 1-1/2 Goodness = 1 Easy to find & prepare = 1 Yummy to family = 1 *Read about my 5-plate Taste Test scale here. Getting to Know Great Grains: Bulgur This taste test is inspired by the article Get to Know 6 Great Grains in Diabetes Forecast. Whole grains like bulgur (also spelled bulghur) are a really good for you. But is it good and yummy? I decided to test it out. Bulgur is whole wheat that’s been cleaned, cracked and cooked, then dried. This processing makes it quick to cook (soak in hot liquid for 20-25 minutes) and easy to store (in a sealed container on the pantry shelf or in the refrigerator). And most of the bran is left in place, so bulgur is still a whole grain. You’ve probably eaten bulgur prepared as tabbouleh salad. The most common version of tabbouleh in the U.S. has cooked bulgur

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