Potluck Favorites That Require Little or No Effort

cc supermanultra

No time to cook or bake for tonight’s potluck? No need to panic.

We’ve all been there. Got to get something on the run for the office/ school/ church/ neighborhood holiday potluck. No time to do much more than pick something up and get it to the table. You can still get something healthful from the club store, grocery store, or in a real pinch the drug store. Here’s some ideas I’ve used when caught in this pinch.

  • Go for a salad.Make it a green one, not a starchy potato or mac salad. High on my scale of yumminess is the Greek salad at my local club store. It has plenty of feta cheese for richness, so I usually don’t even open the dressing that comes with. Caesar salads are fairly easy to find too. Best to keep the dressing on the side though.


  •  Get a rotisserie chicken instead of fried chicken.While the marinade keeps them from truly being zero carbs, rotisserie chickens are a better choice than the battered and fried alternative. Ask the butcher if he can cut it up for you, else make sure you have a good knife.


  • Bring hummus and vegetables. Hummus has a whole lot less fat and way more yumminess than sour cream- or cream cheese-based dips. It can be served with mini carrots, sliced up zucchini or celery as well as with baked pita chips.


  • Go nutty. Pick your favorite nut or mix. Cashews or almonds make for good snacking. There are plenty of yummy mixes available. Just avoid the trail mixes that are full of dried fruit and/or M&Ms. My doctor calls dried fruit little sugar bombs. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are always popular and kind of exotic. I particularly like the dark chocolate ones. They come in a gift box and no one has every pointed out that I got them from the local drug store.


  • Think mini in the bakery. If you just can’t stay out the bakery then get something with small portions. I find my blood sugar can tollerate one mini brownie or mini cupcake or mini muffin. Notice I said one not one-of-each.

Most of all, don’t panic. Remember to enjoy the holidays and time spent with those who are near and dear to you.