Digital Health Product Review: mySugr and Accu-Chek Guide

Bottom line: The mySugr-Accu-Chek Guide integration is both delightful and disappointing.

Previously, I reviewed the mySugr diabetes logging app and the Accu-Check Guide glucose meter separately. In this post I review of how they work together.

mySugr supports data transfer from several BG meters

The mySugr app supports data imports from several meters. I tested out its integration with the Accu-Chek Guide. The experience was a mixed bag.

auto-magic data transfer

Once connected, the Accu-Chek Guide sends the glucose reading, date, and time to the mySugr app on a smartphone using Bluetooth. The BG reading appears in the mySugr app with an asterisk [*] and the note “Blood glucose verified by AccuCheckGuide.”

This cuts out one very important step in logging: manually entering the BG reading into the app. While that may seem like a small thing to the uninitiated, for me the logged BG reading becomes the basis for filling in the details as-I-go and when I do my end-of-day review. I don’t have to go back and forth between the meter and the app to capture the day’s readings. Which, believe it or not, I find fatiguing.

The second auto-magic thing the date transfer does is, if you do make a manual entry into mySugr with a time stamp very close to the time stamp of meter’s BG reading, both entries are merged into one. So, instead of ending up with a series of partial log entries you get a single, consolidated entry. This is delightful.

BG readings auto-magically transfer to the mySugr app

This also means that if you manually enter the BG reading into the app the meter will overwrite that number when the data transfer happens. You know this has happened when you see the asterisk next to the BG reading in the mySugr app.

The disappointing thing about the data transfer is that it only transfers the date, time, and BG reading. The Accu-Chek Guide gives you the ability to tag each BG reading as being before or after a meal, at bedtime, or other. Even though these tags align directly with tags in mySugr, they don’t transfer automatically.

bluetooth frustrations

mySugr and the Accu-Chek Guide connect using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is wobbly-bobly.

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App Review: mySugr

Bottom line: A million registered users can’t be wrong about mySugr, the best diabetes logging app I’ve found.

App name: mySugr
Maker: mySugr GmbH
Formats: iOS, Android, and web-based
Cost: FREE / US$27.99 per year
For more information:


I’ve used mySugr (Android) for more than two years. Which is an eternity when it comes to health appsAnd I paid for the annual subscription most of that time. Which is a testament to how useful I find mySugr to be.

Several of my friends in the diabetes online community make a point of saying that they no longer keep a BG log. After years filled with meticulously logging BG readings and carb counts that still didn’t result in improved diabetes management, they gave up. For them logging became a judgement. So, I see you were high/low on Thursday, the 14th. What happened there? Logging is no longer a tool for planning or problem solving.

mySugr is designed to give you meaningful feedback both immediately on the screen and later in a report. It’s also designed to make it easy to enter your BG readings and other data. And you get to choose who you share your BG readings with and when.

Immediate, Actionable Information

MySugr - Today's stats on home screen
MySugr – Today’s stats on home screen
MySugr - displays monthly stats on home screen
MySugr – displays monthly stats on home screen

mySugr is designed to give you feedback on your entries both immediately and later in a lot of different ways. It displays raw numbers, graphs, color coding, and icons. The home screen summarizes today’s stats and by swiping left you can get to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly stats. Continue reading “App Review: mySugr”

Device Review: Accu-Chek Guide blood glucose meter

Bottom line: Bluetooth connectivity is what makes the Accu-Chek Guide more than just a standard, reliable blood glucose meter.

Why I’m Reviewing the Accu-Chek® Guide

I received an email offering me a free Accu-Check Guide. All I had to do was register online, get a prescription from my doctor, and go to my local pharmacy to pick it up. Easy.

Honestly, I wasn’t in the market for a new blood glucose (BG) meter. I’m perfectly happy with the one I use regularly. There’s only one thing about my current meter that I’d like to change. The meter I use doesn’t connect to my preferred BG logging app, mySugr. I have to manually enter my BG readings into the app

The email I received said the Accu-Chek Guide connects to mySugr. Not having to manually enter my BG readings? For free? Okay, I’ll try it out and see.

OK, it’s not exactly free

At the pharmacy when I picked up the meter I realized that this little experiment wasn’t going to be completely without cost. I had to buy some test strips. The meter came with batteries, a lancing device and lancets, and a generic carrying case. But it didn’t come with any test strips.

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How to Stay OnTrack With an Android App

Are you looking for a compact, accurate way to track of your blood sugar levels, medication, exercise, carb counts, and test results? As they say, “There’s an APP for that!”

OnTrack makes it easy to collect, store and analyze of all your health journal information using your Android phone.

Are you looking for a compact, accurate way to track of your blood sugar levels, medication, exercise, carb counts, and test results?

As they say, “There’s an APP for that!”


App Name: OnTrack
Maker: GExperts
Price: FREE (donations accepted)

Find more information:
Android Marketplace: OnTrack Diabetes
Product Website: OnTrack Diabetes

OnTrack is a comprehensive Android app that lets you use your phone to record all the numbers and  information you would keep in a health journal.

OnTrack - Journal

Keeping a health journal is one of the most effective tools for managing diabetes.

A health journal gives you the raw data about what works well (and not so well) for you when it comes to managing diabetes.

With a health journal you can record all the things you do to maintain your health.

By reviewing your health journal you can see the trends over time. Are you maintaining tight control? What affect does your favorite meal have on your blood sugar? Are you getting enough exercise? A health journal can help you answer these kinds of questions which are so valuable to living well with diabetes. Continue reading “How to Stay OnTrack With an Android App”